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Active Pneumatic Suspention SystemMAPS series

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MAPS series
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Though MAPS has compact size, it can isolate the vibration of six degrees of free-dom

Each unit of MAPS series provided by Meiritsu has two air pressure actuators:one for the vertical, another for the horizontal.
 Using MAPS, you can experience excellent performance of vibration-isolation, vibration suppression and precise positioning.

MAPS makes it possible to elimi-nate the vibration of frequency band width which passive system cannot.

It often occurs that resonance due to the natural frequency causes a trouble in passi-ve isolation system. The resonance increas-es magnitude of vibrations three times or more. But the resonance can be removed by using MAPS. And it is possible to get excellent isolation performance in this freq-uency area. For example, vibrarion of 2Hz near the resonance of typical passive isolat-ion system can be eliminated to less than 1/30-1/100 in comparison with most of pas-sive isolation systems.

A device of ten tons or more can be isolated from vibrations by a standard type of MAPS

The recent precise machine shows a tend-ency of becoming large caused by the func-tional fulfillment. Some devices already have 10 tons or more in the total weight. It has become difficult to keep the structual natural frequency of the device high becau-se of the enlargement of the device. This is one of the reasons why active vibration isolation system which has excellent performance in the low frequency is necessary.

It is steady even if a device on which stage works is carried.

If a device has some movements made by X-Ystages for example, the device swings in the big amplitude, and the vibration is
 enlarged on passive isolation system such as air mounts or rubber mounts. The swi-ngs can be made small on active vibration
 isolator because it is feedback-controlled to keep the position stable. And, if the move-ment of the stage can be outputted as an electric signal in advance, it is possible to get an environment which hardly swings because MAPS can be feed-forward cont-rolled so that the swings may become the smallest.

MAPS is excellent in accurate position-ing and precise leveling.

When the size of a device becomes large, inclination causes a trouble, too. It leans and sags when it inclines because of its heaviness, and the precision is affected remarkably. MAPS makes inclination small, and can keep the precision in good condit-ion. For example, MAPS makes the smooth delivery of wafer or LCD panel possible.


All types of MAPS are easy to install.

We listen to the customer's request, and make all the functions which should be nec-essary crowded in MAPS series. It only ne-eds small space to install MAPS , and you can get an environment which isn't influen-ced by vibration. Because the control sys-tem of the MAPS series is very stable, we can handle you MAPS series confidently not only as an equipment of your factory but also as attachments to the products for sale.

MAPS is one of the important parts which compose your precise devices.

It seems that there are a lot of customers who use vibration isolation devices only from anxiety to the vibration. When high precision-ization, high function, and enlarge-ment are proceeding today, an environme-nt with no influence of vibration is necess-ary to show the full performance of the de-vice described in the specification sheet. Vibration isolation device is one of the ind-ispensable parts to construct a system of the precise machine rather than the assis-tant device.

Make contact with us when you start development.

MAPS series has all the functions which are necessary for vibration isolation, positio-ning, and leveling. And it doesn't need a lar-ge space to install. Even after development of a device is completed,
 MAPS can be assembled into the device. But, in that case, various restrictions often come out. And this is not a good method from neither vibration isolation performan-ce side nor cost. When development of a new device is begun, we would like to hear your ideas about the device, and would like to start arrangements about the installation space of MAPS, vibration isolation perfor-mance, and the positioning precision which should be necessary. Your vibration enviro-nment can be drawn to the ideal by adopt-ing this way that we recommend.


Payload Range [kgf]400~800800~16001600~3300
Dimensions WxDxH [mm]235x235x130295x295x140350x350x150
Mass of a Unit [kg]134263
Supplied Air Pressure [MPa]0.6 - 0.8 (Dry Clean Air)
Typical Air Consumption [l/min]45 - 65
Maximam Air Consumption [l/min]120
Power Supply Voltage [V]100 - 240 (AC, 50/60Hz)
 Maximum Power Consumption [VA]180
Positioning Tolerance [mm]0.001 - 0.050
Active Degrees of Freedom<=6
Payload Range [kgf]3300~65006500~1300013000~24000
Dimensions WxDxH [mm]450x450x190600x480x190700x600x267
Mass of a Unit [kg]110180230
Supplied Air Pressure [MPa]0.6 - 0.8 (Dry Clean Air)
Typical Air Consumption [l/min]120 - 170
Maximam Air Consumption [l/min]300
Power Supply Voltage [V]100 - 240 (AC, 50/60Hz)
Maximam Power Consumption [VA]180
Positioning Tolerance [mm]0.001 - 0.050
Active Degrees of Freedom<=6

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