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Desktop steel honeycomb air suspension vibration isolatorAET series

The AET Series is a series of desktop vibration isolators that bring together an entire high-performance vibration isolation system. At Meiritsu Seiki, many of our previous desktop vibration isolators have been combined into a series. As a result, the AET Series, which combines these vibration isolators with steel honeycomb surfaces tables, consists of desktop air suspension vibration isolators are optimal for optical experiments using a small surface area.

  • Passive
  • Honeycomb

Business Fields

  • For Microscopy
  • For Measurement
AET series
  • Tabletop


S Type with Automatic Leveler

The S type is equipped with an automatic leveler.This keeps the surface table level even when the load distribution on the spring system is changed. The automatic leveler is constantly connected to an air source of 0.35-0.70Mpa and the air pressure can be reduced with the pressure control valve provided.

Manual Leveling N Type

The N type is provided with a hand pump used for supplying air to the system in order to maintain the surface table level. We recommend this type for use in locations not equipped with an air source.

Clamp-Equipped NC and SC Type

The SC and NC types are equipped with clamps that allow you to fix the surface table in position both quickly and easily.



  • S type Specification
  • H type Specification
Natural frequency2.5-2.7Hz
Vibration isolation methodSpecial diaphragm air spring
Damping methodAir damping using orifices
Load weight(kg)6060606080
Table dimensions(mm)430x530x50530x630x50630x530x50800x600x501000x750x50
Machine Heights(mm)115.5
Machine weight(kg)3039395072
Stndard accessoriesS-type:Urethane tube 6mmx3m, Pipimg joint(PT1/4 male threads)x1
Natural frequency2.7±0.3Hz
Vibration isolation methodSame as standard type
Damping method
Load weight100200
Table dimensions(mm)Same as standard type
M6 mounting grid
Machine heights(mm)
Machine weight(kg)3050506382
Standard accesoriesUrethane tube Φ6×3m、Piping hoint(PT1/4 male threads)×1

Notice:H-type is S type Only.


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