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Granite top air suspension vibration isolatorAG series

  • Passive
AG series
  • Surface table


High reliability air suspension system

A lot of experiments and the improvements are done repeatedly over many years, and, as a result, the air spring system with high reliability that leaves results in various fields is adopted.

Granite top with a steady mechanical and physical characteristic.

Granite top is high hardness, steady mechanical and physical characteristic.

General feature of Granite top
  • High surface accuracy is obtained.
  • The thermal conductivity is low, and there is little influence by a surrounding temperature change.
  • There is little influence by humidity
  • The molecular structure is uniform, and it is excellent in corrosion resistance.
  • There is little secular distortion.
  • The influence of magnetism is not exerted.
  • Granite is hardly worn out because hardness is twice compared with the cast iron.
  • The elastic coefficient is very high.


Natural frequencyVertical:1.5Hz  Horizontal:1.8Hz
Vibration isolation methodDiaphragm air spring
Damping methodAir damping by orifices
Leveling methodAutomatic
Table dimensions (mm)1000x7501200x9001500x10001800x9002000x10002400x1200
Table thickness (mm)150200250300
Table materialGranite
Machine height (mm)800
Machine weight (kg)5008001,0501,1001,7002,800
Load weight (kg)300 (It is possible to increase or decrease if you need.)
Air supply0.35-0.70MPa

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