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Desk type air suspension vibration isolatorADZ-A series

High cost performance, vibration isolation performance, operativeness.

The ADZ-A series is a highly upgraded version of the well-selling ADZ series.
Vibration isolation performance is further enhanced, working comfort is greatly improved, and a model with a larger mounting plate has been added to the new series. Also, a wealth of options is available for better operability of the equipment installed on the isolator.
This high cost performance vibration isolator can accommodate a wide range of equipment and can be used almost anywhere.

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ADZ-A series
  • Desk type


Use of a steel honeycomb optical tabletop as the mounting plate.

This isolator uses a highly rigid, lightweight steel honeycomb optical tabletop which has high damping performance. The top surface plate, which has a highly durable paint finish, is made of SUS430 ferromagnetic stainless steel, enabling a magnet stand to be used. (We can provide tap holes on the top surface, drill holes, and so on, to suit your requirements. Please ask us for details.)

Has excellent vibration isolation performance in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

The use of a thin diaphragm type air spring, which has a long history and a proven sales track record, together with a new damping rubber, realize enhanced vibration isolation performance in both the vertical and horizontal directions. In addition, cost performance is excellent.

Design based on the customer's viewpoint.

The color and refined exterior, which gives the impression of cleanliness, make this isolator suitable for an office environment as well. The user-friendly design is aimed at more comfortable workability. Three models are available in this series to enable it to cope with a wide range of equipment. Multiple power outlets (Four 2-pole sockets + ground terminal) and a urethane armrest are provided as standard fitment.


  • Specifications
Natural frequency Vertical:1.2~1.5Hz
Vibration isolation methodVertical:Diaphram air spring Horizontal:antivibration rubber
Damping methodAir damping using orifices
Leveling methodHeight control valves keep the surface table level automatically
Table dimensions(mm)800×600×t501000×750×t501200×750×t50
Table materials Steel honeycomb core,
Top plate SUS430(5t) Bottom  plate SS400(3.2t)
Machine dimensions(mm)900×700xh7501100×850xh7501300×850xh750
Machine weight(kg)110145165
Air supply(MPa)


(Air ource:Compressed air by an air compressor, relieving a factory's piping of its air, or liquid nitrogen gas)


Side shelf : L, R

Some accessorys of the precision instrument can be put on it, and the space of the width of 250mm be enhanced right and left.

Upper shelf : UL, UR

The space of the width of 250mm can be enhanced for effectively uses.

Under shelf : T

The lower space of ADZ-A can be effectively used.

Monitor stand : M

The monitor fixing part conforms to the VESA standard (screw pitch 75x75 mm and 100x100mm). It enables the height and angle of the monitor to be adjusted. It can be installed at rear right or rear left of the isolator.
(A monitor is not included.)

Leveling valves for clean room : CS

It is possible to use it by outside exhaust in a clean room.

Honeycomb tabletop with granite surface: GH

Honeycomb structure tabletop with highly corrosion-resistant granite top surface plate.

Model ADZ-A0806
 WxD (mm)
 WxD (mm)
 WxD (mm)
Side shelf : L, R (250xAmm)250x700250x850
Upper shelf : UL, UR (250xAmm)250x700250x850
Under shelf : T (BxCmm)760x315960x3901160x390
Monitor stand : MWith VESA75/100mm pattern
Leveling valves for clean room : CSWith exhaust air port for drain tube
Honeycomb tabletop with granite surface: GHSteel honeycomb core, Top plate Granite, Bottom plate SS400

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